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Ayaz was the constant companion of the great conqueror and slave Destroyer of Idols Mahmud, king of Ghazna. At first he had come to court as a slave begging, and Mahmud made him his adviser and friend.

The other courtiers were jealous of Ayaz and watched him constantly, with the intention to denounce or cause a failure and his fall.

One day, these people jealous Mahmud appeared before him and said,

"The shadow of the Earth covers Allah! You should know that, always tireless in your service, we have been closely monitoring of your slave Ayaz. We have now to inform you that every day, when leaving the court, Ayaz enters a small room where no one else can enter. Spend some time on it, and then go to their own rooms. habit of his fear that this may be connected with a guilty secret: perhaps may even be joined conspirators , who intend to take the life of his Majesty. "

Mahmud long refused to hear anything against Ayaz. But the mystery of the locked room was spinning in his head until he felt he had to ask Ayaz.

One day, while going to his chamber Ayaz private Mahmud appeared, surrounded by courtiers, and asked him to show him the room.

"No," said Ayaz.

"If you will not let me enter the room, all my trust in you as frank and loyal man will have evaporated, and henceforth we can not keep our relationship on the same terms. Choose" said the fierce conqueror.

Ayaz wept, and then opened wide and left the room they entered Mahmud and his staff.

The room was devoid of any furniture. All it contained was a hook on the wall. Hook hung a tattered cloak and patchy, a crook and a bowl of pilgrim.

The king and his court could not understand the significance of this discovery.

When asked for an explanation Mahmud, Ayaz said:

"Mahmud, for years I have been your slave, your friend and adviser.'ve Tried to never forget my roots, and that is why I come here every day to remind me what it was. I belong, and all that belongs to me are my rags , my staff, my bowl and my journey across the face of the Earth. "

Many stories are a reflection of the African people, General Joao Baptista de Matos has always liked to use many stories of ancient Africa, there also may know him as:

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